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We know that when you are out on the sea or sailing up one of the rivers around the area, you need to know what it is you are seeing. Without a doubt, having a guide and skipper on the boat who know the wildlife is crucial to your experience. Sea-Life Conservation Tours continues to work hard in that area to ensure that we give you the best, friendly, helpful experience we can while ensuring the safety of the wildlife.

Simon Palmer-Billing

John Doe photo

Simon Palmer-Billing talking about Cetaceans

Known for his animated and interesting talks and poor "dad jokes", Simon runs Sea-Life Conservation Tours. Having been involved with conservation work since 2011, he tries to generate enthusiasm and passion for nature in all he does.

  • AfriCat Ambassador
  • Award winning cameraman
  • Music Photographer
  • Horse Photographer & Cameraman
  • Conservation photographer & Cameraman
  • Book published "Paw Prints in the Sand"

Wise Trained

Bea Chater

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Bea Chater Brixham Guide

This is Bea. Previous experience includes working for the the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity in Scotland, and other sea-life operators since arriving in Brixham. Bea is very conservation focused and quite frankly would stand in Parliament as a representative for sea-life everywhere. Although she won't say this, she is a great photographer too.

Passionate about nature, life by the sea, and incredibly caring! That's Bea.

Wise Trained

Shaun Pedley (Our Joe-L)

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Shaun Pedley Skipper /Owner of Our Joe-L

Shaun Pedley Owner of "Our Joe-L"

I’ve been aboard Charter boats all my life and as a sustainable fisherman I’ve always had a keen interest in the sea life we see locally from the regular common dolphins to the temporary resident Humpback whale in 2017.  Over the last couple of years alone there has been the arrival of seasonal Blue Fin Tuna, sightings of a Leatherback Turtle and several species of Whales around Lyme Bay.  So when Simon Palmer got in contact to start operating Sea-Life Conservation Tours.  I thought hmm, Sea-life? YES!  Conservation? YES!  Tours? If that’s on a boat then that is me aboard!  It’s not very often you get the chance to work with a truly sustainable company either.

The ethos of the company run by a professional wildlife photographer is one that is very important and close to my heart.  Working with Bea and Simon during the first year of SCT hosting small groups of customers has been both interesting and rewarding for me and I’m looking forward to the seasons ahead! Particularly looking forward to trying out the new hydrophone this year.  When I’m driving the boat I can hear Simon & Bea interacting with the customers about the wildlife and its obvious they are both very passionate and as excited as the guests are.

Wise Trained

Sea-Life Conservation Tours

Wildlife Sea Safaris - Ethical, conservation orientated, WiSe trained and SeaWatch Foundation recomended. Operating off the coast of South Devon, from Brixham.

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