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Recently The Yorkshire Post reported an orca spotted less than three miles off an RSPB reserve in the county. A “huge, tall, vertical dorsal” was seen multiple times from the Grandstand viewpoint at the Bempton Cliffs reserve, near Bridlington; the first time an orca has been seen off the coast of Yorkshire since 2007. The sighting has since been ...

Captivity not Entertainment
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It isn’t uncommon to hear about the death of a captive animal. Captivity isn’t the friend of any wild animal to be honest. But Lolita epitomised the very reasons for why captivity is a bad decision. As an Orca she spent 50 years in captivity. She was taught to perform and essentially became a business asset for driving visitor attendance.

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This Tuesday night came with another “decompression session” with Sea Life Conservation Tours, aboard Our Joe-L. After a fortnight of almost constant rain showers and ever-changing wind patterns, we were treated to a true summer’s evening, warm, dry and clear – as if we need an excuse to get out on the water!

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