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Over the last four years there have been many reports and articles about the increase of dead Grey whales washing up on coastlines of the States and Canada. As with all these tragic moments, the bodies are examined to determine cause of death. You’d be forgiven for thinking that in most cases these giants of the ocean were killed by plastics. We’ve ...

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Recently The Yorkshire Post reported an orca spotted less than three miles off an RSPB reserve in the county. A “huge, tall, vertical dorsal” was seen multiple times from the Grandstand viewpoint at the Bempton Cliffs reserve, near Bridlington; the first time an orca has been seen off the coast of Yorkshire since 2007. The sighting has since been ...

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You never know what happens on a trip! On one of our evening decompressions trips, a two-hour short journey looking for the normal sea-life and watching the sunset. We had an additional ...

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